What Are Basic Driver Improvement Courses (BDIC)?
Basic Driver Improvement Courses are courses offered by sponsors approved by the State of Michigan. Passing a BDIC permits drivers with an opportunity to avoid points on their records and the ticket information from being sent to insurance companies. The driver must be eligible to take the course and may only avoid points once under this program. Please contact us for questions about fees and course information.

How much does the BDIC cost?
Our BDIC classes are the lowest priced courses in the State of Michigan.

$32.95- Online.

Other providers may set their own fees up to a maximum of $100 as permitted by Michigan law.

Who is eligible for this program?
You will receive a letter in the mail if you are eligible for this program. You may be eligible if you were ticketed on or after December 31, 2010 and:

-You have a valid, non-commercial license, with two or fewer points on your record,
-The violation was not in a Commercial Motor Vehicle,
-The violation was not a criminal offense,
-The ticket you received is eligible (e.g., must be for three or fewer points, not for careless or negligent driving, etc.) For a full list, related link below


What tickets are eligible for this program?
Most minor traffic violations for which you were ticketed on or after December 31, 2010, are eligible for this program. You must not be disqualified from participating for any other reason. See Link Below:


Why should I take the BDIC for a zero-point ticket?
Under Michigan law, insurance companies use a separate point system for evaluating violations. If you take and pass the optional BDIC, the Secretary of State will not disclose the ticket to your insurance company.

Please remember, you may only take and pass the BDIC one time to avoid having the information made available to your insurance company.

What would disqualify me from the BDIC program?
You are disqualified if any of the following are true:

-You are in the 60-day period of BDIC eligibility for a previous ticket
-You have already avoided points under this program
-Your license is restricted, suspended, or revoked or you were not issued a Michigan license
-You have three or more points on your record
-You held a Commercial Driver’s License or were operating a Commercial Vehicle at the time of the ticket
-The ticket you received is not eligible for the program

How often can I take the BDIC to avoid points on my record, and can I take the BDIC again if I don’t pass?
There is no limit to the number of attempts to pass the BDIC within the 60 days of the notice of eligibility. Note that you may have to pay the course fee for subsequent attempts. Please contact our office regarding the policy on subsequent attempts and fee information.

If you do not pass the BDIC within 60 days of the notice of eligibility, the points and the violation will be on your record and available to insurance companies. However, if you receive a subsequent ticket and are notified that you are eligible again, you may attempt the BDIC for the subsequent ticket.

What if I don’t pass the BDIC?
If you do not pass the BDIC within 60 days of the notice of eligibility, the points and the violation will be on your record and available to insurance companies.

What happens if I pass the BDIC?
We will notify the Michigan Department of State electronically that you have passed the course. The Michigan Department of State will not add any points from the ticket to your driving record and will not show the ticket information to insurance companies. The ticket information (but not the points) is still placed on your record, though, and may be used for other purposes. For example, a court can still see the ticket information, and probationary drivers may still be subject to a Driver Assessment re-examination and license sanctions even if the driver successfully completes the course.

You are still responsible for any court fees or fines and other expenses related to your ticket.

Can I appeal if I don’t pass?
Course failures may not be appealed to the Michigan Department of State. The Michigan Department of State has stated that If you have any questions or concerns about unsuccessful course completion, please contact the sponsor that administered the course.

How do I show that I passed the course?
We will electronically notify the Michigan Department of State that you have passed the course. Some sponsors will give you a certificate for your records only; you do not have to provide a certificate or any paperwork to Secretary of State offices or to the court.

What should I do with the Certificate of Completion that the sponsor gave to me?
Some sponsors will give a Certificate of Completion for your records when you pass the course. The sponsors will report your results directly to the Secretary of State, so the certificate is not needed to show you have passed the course.

Please note that some courts permit drivers to take a safety course and will cancel the ticket if the driver passes. This is a separate program from the Basic Driver Improvement Course and the court will require a certificate as evidence of successful completion.

Do I still have to pay for the ticket or court costs if I pass the BDIC?
You are still responsible for all court costs, fines and fees related to your ticket. The BDIC only affects whether your ticket information will be available to insurance companies and whether the points will be placed on your driving record.

What if I miss the 60 day deadline?
The points and the violation will be on your record and available to insurance companies. You may be eligible in the future for the BDIC if you qualify.

What do I do if I lost the letter saying I am eligible?
To provide a course result to the Michigan Department of State, we need both your driver’s license number (DLN) and the last date you can complete the course. This information is on the letter you received.
If you do not know the date, you may submit a request to the link below and ask for this information. You must provide enough information to identify yourself and to locate your records. For privacy reasons, the Department of State does not provide DLN in response to phone calls, emails, etc. Your DLN is on your license and may be on other documents. If your license has been misplaced or lost, you may purchase a duplicate license. If you cannot obtain a duplicate license, you may purchase your driving record for this information.


What can I do if I never received a notice that I was eligible?
A notice was mailed to the address listed on your driving record if you were eligible. You are required by law (MCL 257.315) to ensure your address is updated with the Michigan Department of State.

If you are eligible and within the 60 day eligibility period, you may still contact a sponsor to take the BDIC. If 60 days have passed, the ticket and the points will appear on your record.

What do other states do in regards to this program?
Any state that offers a similar program may set its own standards and laws for it. Check the Michigan Department of State website or call the State for which you have a question.

Am I eligible to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course if I received a traffic ticket in another state?
Out-of-state tickets are not eligible for the Basic Driver Improvement Course.

May I take the driver improvement course in another state if I am eligible but will be out of state for a while?
You may take our online course if you are eligible and out of state for a while.

How can I check my driving record?
You may purchase a copy of your record from the Record Lookup Unit. This process may take up to two weeks. The request form is available at the link below.

Each record is $8 and must be paid in advance with a check, money order or credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa). A certified copy of a driving or vehicle record is available for an additional $1 fee.

Additionally, for only $9, you can purchase your own certified driving record at any branch office. Simply show your driver’s license (no form required) and walk out with a copy of your record in hand. All offices accept cash, checks, money orders, Discover, MasterCard or Visa debit and credit cards.


What are BDIC sponsors?
BDIC sponsors are organizations approved by the Michigan Department of State. These sponsors offer a defensive driving curriculum that meets or exceeds the standards set by Michigan law. The courses may be online.

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